Have your say on proposed changes to the Archives office opening hours

November 17, 2014

As a result of budget reductions and a need to modernise, we need to adjust our focus at Denbighshire Archives. This means reducing the service’s opening hours.

By reducing our opening hours, we will provide a reasonable level of public opening hours for visitors, whilst also allowing staff more time to spend on essential behind the scenes work, including:

  • cataloguing
  • publishing our catalogue of holdings online
  • digitising collections and making them available online
  • digital preservation

We are proposing to reduce the opening hours from the current 28 hours a week, to 17 hours a week from January 2015. We are proposing three options for the new opening hours, and we would like you to vote for your preferred option. You also have the opportunity to propose a fourth option, if you like.

You can see the options and have your say here.

The closing date to have your say is Friday 5th December 2014. We will make a final decision shortly after this date, and the new opening hours will come into effect in January 2015.

‘A day in the life’- Archive Assistant, Lowri Williams

November 10, 2014
Lowri Williams, Archives Assistant

Lowri Williams, Archives Assistant

This week (10-14 November) is explore your archive week, staff at Archive services across the UK are campaigning for people everywhere to celebrate archives. Archives are full of fascinating content to read, touch and explore. And most of it isn’t available from Google. Take time to explore archives – you’ll be amazed to find what lies within. Even if you choose not to visit an archive, you can take pride and comfort that archives hold unique and vital records which underpin education, heritage, business and identity. As a part of the campaign, we are taking a look at ‘a day in the life’ of one of our archives assistants, Lowri Williams-

“Most of my week is spent helping people who have come into Denbighshire Archives to research their family or house history but my role as Archives Assistant means that I get to work on other ‘background jobs’ when I’m not assisting the public. My main background job involves adding any new photographs to the photographic collection.

I examine each photograph and ask myself where, who, when and what? If there isn’t any known information available I have to look for clues in the photo’ and occasionally I use other secondary sources like historical newspapers or articles written on local history to help me answer these questions.

Before I put any new photographs into the photographic boxes I have to carry out a small amount of preservation work. Each photo’ is backed onto card and secured with four photographic corners and then placed in a protective see through sleeve. This is to ensure that the photographs do not become damaged through handling.

The photographs in the Denbighshire Archives collection show a wide variety of subjects, local views and events and include dignitaries and officials, industry and business, education and domestic family life. Together they portray the story of our heritage and our culture and offer unique sources for social historians, genealogists and local historians.”

Take a look at Lowri’s video on our facebook page.

To find out more about archives, and how you can start your own adventure visit- http://www.exploreyourarchive.org/




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