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Volunteers Needed!

June 3, 2016

Are you looking for a new volunteer opportunity? Would you like to join our Monday volunteer group?

We are currently looking for new volunteers to join our group sessions. Members of the team have become experts in cleaning, repackaging and box listing new archive collections and are currently working on a large collection of mid-19th to early 20th Century records of Denbighshire County Clerk’s Department. Past tasks have included box listing various collections and the creation of the North Wales Patient Index.

The Clerk’s collection is one of our largest uncatalogued collections and we are eager to get the material listed and available to the public. It consists of hundreds of boxes full of files which reveal the County during a period when there were major developments in medicine and public health, the telephone network, new schools building, motor cars and roads and the outbreak of war.

The County Clerk was a senior official in local government and acted as a record keeper within the organisation. The papers include records relating to every function within the council including (but not limited to) education, environment, licensing, public health, libraries, policing, fire service and agriculture.

The project involves looking through previously unseen material, repackaging if necessary, removing all metal attachments such as paperclips, pins and treasury tags which rust and cause damage to the document and list the content (see photograph above!). The work is supervised by an archivist at all times and guidance and instruction is provided throughout the session.


We are looking for volunteers from a range of backgrounds.  You can be any age and looking to learn a new skill or expand your CV, get some work experience, or gain some local knowledge.

Volunteering can benefit you by:

  • improving your IT and other work-related skills
  • providing a sense of being part of a community
  • improving your confidence when looking for a job
  • meeting new people

Volunteering also supports people returning to work after a period of unemployment, by providing training in new skills and experience in new sectors.

You can find out more about this volunteer role, including an application form, on our new webpage.


Dating Old Welsh Houses Group

October 14, 2014

We have decided to try something new this month and invite a guest blogger to write for us. This month it is Janice Dale telling us about the Dating Old Welsh Houses group in Denbighshire…..

“If you use a search engine and persevere and get past the dating websites, you will come across the website for the Dating Old Welsh Houses Group, and I would like to think your curiosity will make you click on it, because if you do you will find a treasure trove of research on work carried out by the members of this group.

Since April 2012 the Dating Old Welsh Houses Group, a community heritage charity with around 100 members, has been investigating the development of pre 1700 Welsh houses by focusing on:

  • Building recording, archaeology and architecture
  • The study of the landscape, community, economic and social history of the period
  • House/family history & other researchon a range of topics through lectures, events, visits & study tours
  • Widely publicising resultsonline, through leaflets & a quarterly Newsletter
  • Branch-led activitiesin Anglesey & Caernarfonshire, Conwy, Denbighshire, & Merionethshire.
Branch visit to a 17th century house in June 2014

Branch visit to a 17th century house in June 2014

The branches, encourage members to research their own houses, other houses which have been identified as ‘old’, the history of the families who have lived in these houses and even to the family’s pre and post occupation. We also look at land ownership and will research any other area which broadly fits in with the aims of the group.

In the Denbighshire Branch we are working on a ‘Cynwyd Scrapbook’; working in conjunction with the National Library of Wales on land ownership from the tithe maps, with members transcribing schedules for Llandrillo, Llangar, Corwen, and eventually Gwyddelwern. We are focussing on Edeyrnion first, but hoping to roll out this project to cover a wider area. Other members are looking at the history their own houses in Ruthin, Llangar, Cynwyd, Glyndyrfrdwy and Corwen.

We usually meet together once a month, either at Rhug or members houses to review progress, resolve problems or often just to generally chat – we are a pretty laid back bunch. So if you fancy something different do look at our website”

Written by Janice Dale – Denbighshire Branch

contact Janice at

Photo caption- Branch visit to a 17th century house in June