National Volunteer Week

June 1, 2018

It is National Volunteer Week this week (1-7 June 2018) and we have a lot to thank our volunteers for this year including our catalogues being available on the Archives Hub!

The Archives Hub is a free online service giving access to catalogue descriptions of archives held in UK repositories (such as universities, company archives and local history centres).The Archives Hub represents collections from over 330 institutions across the country and is a vital research tool for historians all over the world. It does not hold any archive material itself but provides a means to cross-search archival descriptions from different institutions.

We have received an ARCW grant this year to transfer all of our catalogues onto The Archives Hub meaning that our catalogues are now available to search on an alternative site and therefore more researchers will be able to find primary sources amongst our collections with ease.

Without the work of our volunteers tirelessly transferring our paper lists into our archive database this would not have been possible. We estimate that around 75% of our paper catalogues have now been added to the database.


We have recently added the catalogues for all urban and rural district councils. These collections include hundreds of building control plans for properties across Conwy and Denbighshire, reports of medical and public health officers on living and sanitary conditions across the county during the 1930s and 1940s and many maps and plans (plus much more!).

Follow the links below to our full catalogue (remember to select the Browse by Hierarchy tab to open drop down list).

UDD/A Colwyn Bay and Colwyn Urban District Council
UDD/B Llangollen Urban District Council
UDD/C Abergele and Pensarn Urban District Council
UDD/D Abergele Urban District Council
UDD/E Rhyl Urban District Council
UDD/F Prestatyn Urban District Council

RDD/A St Asaph (Denbigh) Rural District Council
RDD/B Aled Rural District Council
RDD/C Chirk Rural District Council
RDD/D Llansilin Rural District Council
RDD/E Ceiriog Rural District Council
RDD/F Llanrwst Rural District Council
RDD/G Uwchaled Rural District Council
RDD/H Hiraethog Rural District Council
RDD/I Ruthin Rural District Council
RDD/J Llangollen Rural District Council
RDD/K Wrexham Rural District Council
RDD/L Edeyrnion Rural District Council

Find out more about our volunteer opportunities here

Find out more about The Archives Hub here

The North Wales Hospital Patient Index Update

May 22, 2018

We are pleased to announce an update to our online patient index for the North Wales Hospital.

The update contains the details of over 800 private patients admitted into the hospital between 1849 and 1914. The index has been created using the patient reception orders and builds on the pauper patient index which was released online in 2015. The database has been compiled through the hard work and dedication of volunteers, and we would like to extend our sincerest thanks to them for this addition to the online resource.


An example of one of the private patient reception orders, from which the information for the index was extracted.

The database includes details of patient number, name, date of admission, age on admission, date of discharge or death, occupation, and name of town. Unlike pauper patients, whose stay in the hospital was chargeable to a Poor Law Union, private patients and their families paid for their own maintenance. Whilst the medical treatment given did not differ from that given to pauper patients, being a private patient did afford some benefits. The private patient menu was the same as the staff menu, and private patients wards and day rooms were often more spacious, with some private patients been given their own room.

Out of the 829 private patient reception orders 45 are missing from the series up to December 1914 (5.42%). It is unclear why these records did not get transferred to the archives; some may simply have been lost or the records may have been transferred with the patient to other asylums across the country.

Although care was taken to avoid any mistakes being made, there may inevitably be some mistakes such as typing or transcription errors. We would strongly recommend consulting the original record either by requesting a copy or visiting our search room to confirm that all details are correct.

The index, along with further guidance can be found on the Denbighshire Archives website.