Women Rediscovered: Miss Harris Jones, The Teacher

Here is our 4th monologue in the Women Rediscovered series!

This monologue is based on infant school records written by Miss Anne Harris Jones during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. She taught at Abermorddu Board School in Flintshire and later the Victoria Council School in Wrexham and the records reveal that she was devoted to her role as a teacher and the children in her care. Her character comes across as strong and compassionate. Upon her retirement after 29 years, the manager’s minutes state ‘she devoted herself to the education, the well-being and the interests- in the highest sense- of the children who came under her charge’.

All information about Anne Harris Jones was discovered by looking through school log books and managers minutes. You can find out more about school log books in a previous blog post.

Ref: ED/MB/101/5 Managers Minutes of Victoria School, 1924

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