Women Rediscovered: Gwyneth/ Ann Owen, The Mothers

We are pleased to reveal our 1st monologue in the Women Rediscovered series!

This monologue is based on a real case of postnatal depression discovered in the patient case books of the North Wales Hospital, otherwise known as the North Wales Counties Lunatic Asylum. We chose to highlight a very specific case, that of Ann Owens who was admitted into the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh in January 1875. This case highlights the difference in approach to treatment and the attitude we have now to postpartum psychosis.

Ann was 39 years old when she was admitted having had five children, the youngest being just 1 month old at her time of admission. Ann was from Flintshire, she was married to a coal worker and had been experiencing symptoms such as delusions and severe depression. She refused to eat and her mental and physical condition deteriorated. She resided in the hospital for 6 months where she was eventually tube-fed and died of pleuro-pneumonia in July 1875, leaving behind her husband and children.

We have uncovered all of this information about Ann using the reception order held at Ruthin branch of North East Wales Archives.

The reception order of Ann Owen, dated January 1872. Held at Ruthin branch (Ref: HD/1/459)

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