Have your say on proposed changes to the Archives office opening hours

As a result of budget reductions and a need to modernise, we need to adjust our focus at Denbighshire Archives. This means reducing the service’s opening hours.

By reducing our opening hours, we will provide a reasonable level of public opening hours for visitors, whilst also allowing staff more time to spend on essential behind the scenes work, including:

  • cataloguing
  • publishing our catalogue of holdings online
  • digitising collections and making them available online
  • digital preservation

We are proposing to reduce the opening hours from the current 28 hours a week, to 17 hours a week from January 2015. We are proposing three options for the new opening hours, and we would like you to vote for your preferred option. You also have the opportunity to propose a fourth option, if you like.

You can see the options and have your say here.

The closing date to have your say is Friday 5th December 2014. We will make a final decision shortly after this date, and the new opening hours will come into effect in January 2015.

4 Responses to “Have your say on proposed changes to the Archives office opening hours”

  1. David Hill Says:

    It is a shame that you need to reduce your opening hours, although it will not affect me personally.
    I welcome the proposal to digitise collections and make them available online. My local Archive – http://cityark.medway.gov.uk/ did this some years ago having received a National Lottery Grant – Can you not explore this possibility?
    My opinion on digital archiving is that it not as reliable as preserving original media and that it would be a pity to risk losing records that have been saved for perhaps hundreds of years because of what are hopefully short term austerity measures.
    I wish you well in these difficult times.
    David Hill.

    • Denbighshire Archives Says:

      Dear David, Thank you for your comment. We are about to start planning what we can do and how we can achieve it and external funding may be an option. There are no plans which involve risking losing any of our original records, Thanks again!

  2. Bryn Jones Says:

    does this mean that when you have cataloged everything and put it all on line, you will be in direct competition with ‘find my past’ and ‘ancestry’ and also the charity Clwyd Family History Society’ ?

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