Seasonal recipes

As the weather turns cold, and the long dark nights draw in, why not prepare a traditional Carrot or Prussian (European recipe) soup, followed by a warming apple pudding? These recipes are taken from the recipe books of the Ladies of Llangollen (NTD/856, 574).



‘Carrot or Prussian soup

Two pounds of beef sliced very thin two pounds of lean mutton; seven quarts of water, one pint of split peas, two large onions, one large carrot, two or three turnips one head of celery two or three blades of mace four cloves, two grains of whole pepper, salt to your taste. When these have stewed a good while, add four large carrots or small ones in proportion, grated very fine, then let the whole stew  for five hours, strain it well and carefully off, and when served add some fried bread and carrots cut in long and small pieces’


‘Apple Pudding

Pare and core 12 middling apples, boil them tender and pulp them through a sieve, put to them half a pound of sugar the peel of a lemon grated, and squeeze in the juice, the yolks of six eggs and whites of three, mix them with your apples and sugar, melt two ounces of butter thick and mix it with the rest, put thin paste under and round the edge of dish, half an hour bakes it.’

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