Volunteering at Denbighshire Archives

It has been three years this month since we started our regular Monday volunteer group. Volunteers are a great help to our service and there are a number of tasks we just couldn’t do without them. The Monday group has moved on from cleaning documents and over the last couple of years have been involved in creating a patient index for those admitted to the North Wales Hospital, Denbigh, improving our electoral register lists, re-packaging collections and improving school catalogues.

We have recently asked our volunteers what they get out of dedicating some of their time to our service, and this is what they said-

“What a splendid experience- the satisfaction of volunteering for something useful, the chance to handle and see old documents. We get to know the staff and make new friends!”

“I like assisting with our archive. I consider them very precious and love the snippets of history that I am learning”

“I get a sense of local history of the area as a ‘new-comer’ to Denbighshire. I get an insight into how the archives works from the inside which has helped to discover the history of our house and family tree”

We have also had a number of other volunteers working on a variety of tasks over the last year, including work experience students, university students from Glyndwr University and others looking to build skills for job seeking or something worthwhile during retirement.

The staff at Denbighshire Archives would like to thank all of our volunteers for the support they provide to our service.


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