Archives – Your Questions Answered

What is the purpose of the Record Office?

Our main purpose is to be Denbighshire’s memory.  We collect, preserve and make available as much documentary material relating to Denbighshire’s history as possible.  We still hold a lot of material for the new counties of Conwy and Wrexham as well as for the current area covered by Denbighshire due to the old historic boundaries.


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Can anyone come in and see the documents?

Yes, the Record Office is open to anyone, but as the items are all unique, and in some cases valuable, we do have some rules; you need to have a reader’s ticket, and we only allow pencils, you cannot use a pen or ballpoint, but we do allow you to bring a laptop.  To get a reader’s ticket, you just need to bring some identification with you which has your name, address and signature on, a driving licence is ideal, as it has all three, or you can bring a bank card and utiltiy bill.

Nearly all the documents here are freely available, the only restrictions are on papers which are closed under Data Protection legistation, as they conatin personal information about living individuals, and items which are too fragile or damaged to be handled. 

What does an archivist do?

An archivist’s job is to sort through the collections and prepare them for use by researchers so that they are easy for people to to find and use.  Indexes can be found at

What other resources do you have?

Apart from original documents we have sources such as parish registers and old newpapers on microfilm; we have free access to various genealogical websites such as and and we have a small library of local history reference books.

What kinds of people use the service?

Most of our users are local, but we do have visitors from as far away as Australia, New Zeland and the USA.

If you have any enquires or research requests, please leave a comment below or visit our website

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  1. madcarew Says:

    Floreat Archivensia!

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