Two Hundred and Fifty Miles through North Wales: Day 8, Part 4

The men proceed towards Rhyl, and arrive just before the ladies.  They stay at Min y Don Cottage, and have tea.  They spend time on the promenade, listening to a ventriloquist, and spend the evening at the Theatre watching ‘Diplomacy’.

DD/DM/1422/9 - Pavillion and Soldier's monunent, Rhyl c1920
DD/DM/1422/9 – Pavillion and Soldier’s monument, Rhyl c1920, from our collections. Available to view at Denbighshire Archives.

For some miles before arriving at Rhyl, the roads being low and the railway intervening between the road and the shore, we loose sight of the water, so we were disappointed not seeing the “Cambria” on our way.  We drive on to the meeting place, Mrs Davies, Min y Don Cottage, an old cottage on the promenade, but find we have arrived here first, we don’t wait long before the kettle boilers turn up, each one having the “cramp” on the face for having seen us drive on before them, they are in wonderment as to who our fellow passengers are, when Uncle Arthur’s face is seen with his friend the “cramp” disappears.  As the time is very limited before the boat goes, and as Arthur returns by it, he leaves us to “do our own” pro-tem.

At 3 o’clock we put Tommy up at the White Lion Hotel Stable and adjourn to Min y Don for tea.  We spend a pleasant hour or so on the promenade listening to the singing.  Going down the lane we listen to a professor lecturing on noses and whilst the ladies went to get supper (there by hangs a tale) we listen to a ventriloquist with Tommy and Joey not forgetting “Ginger” etc etc.  Eventually we get to the Theatre on the pier to see “Diplomacy”, the acting was very good, but the stage miserably small.  We were somewhat amused by one of the audience desiring to sing between the acts, his wife had difficulty in restraining him, the only sound we heard was “y’er, y’er, y, y, y’er, y’er” at last he shouted “I must sing or burst” eventually he was persuaded not to sing whether he burst or not, I can not say.  We skidallied off the pier and away to bed.

Historically Rhyl was a parish in theCounty of Flintshire, for more records relating to Rhyl follow this link

Information about our holdings is available on

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