Two Hundred and Fifty Miles through North Wales: Day 7, Part 1

The group stroll on the Pier and begin their drive around the Great Orme in Llandudno, which is described as ‘the resort of the old and young, feeble and strong’.

Great Ormes Head, Llandudno

DD/DM/1113- Picture of the Great Ormes Head, Llandudno, from the original diary 'Two hundred and fifty miles through North Wales on a wagonette'

Seventh Day

Sunday 21st September 1890

A drive round the Ormes head

We were awoke pretty early by some squawking youngsters in an adjoining room.  After opening the window we tried to buffer the flies out, one of us being stationed in each corner of the room with a newspaper in our hand, knocking them down by scores.  The battle being over we sat down to breakfast, after that we tried a walk, the wind was blowing so strong from the land that the ladies were unable to stand in it, so had to gracefully retire home again under difficulties.

After staying in for an hour or so, I had a stroll on the pier and Happy Valley and on coming home I saw perched on the end of an Omnibus (like a cock sparrow) our old friend “Uncle Arthur” I shouted “Arthur” he looked amazed, not knowing we were at Llandudno.  He dropped off like a two year old, gave my paw a hearty wag and visited “FlyCastle” to see ‘the boss’ who was equally surprised to see him.  Well off he went to dinner, we done ditto and in the afternoon “Tommy” was again ready to take us on the Marine drive round the Great Orme’s head. This drive was constructed on the face of the stupendous cliffs around the head a distance of five miles at a cost of fourteen thousand pounds.  From opposite the new pier the road ascends, we leave the pavilion and Bath Hotel and get to the first spur of Great Orme called Pen y Ddinas.  A few yards further we come to the Happy Valley and it is a broad Green Vale slopping seaward and is protected on 3 sides by the Cliffs of the Great Orme.  All kinds of Games are carried on here, quoits, archery bowls etc etc it is the resort of the old and young, feeble and strong.

Records relating to Llandudno are held by Conwy Archive Service. More information about their holdings is available at

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