Two Hundred and Fifty Miles through North Wales: Day 3, Part 3

The party arrived at Barmouth where they have lunch at the Lion Hotel and watch performing bears on the shore and Quay. Barmouth is described as an ‘agreeable winter resort’.

Barmouth Viaduct

DD/DM/1113- Picture of Barmouth Viaduct from the original diary 'Two hundred and fifty miles through North Wales on a wagonette'

We have now arrived in sight of the pier and viaduct at Barmouth, this is a combined walk for passengers pier and railway bridge and eventually we drive up the higher road above Aberamffra Harbour and enter Barmouth at 12 o’clock. As soon as we had entered the town we met an old friend Bob Righton who recommended us to put the horse up at the Lion Hotel.  After lunch we strolled about the town watching some Frenchmen with performing bears on the shore and Quay.  We saw one of the steamers coming in, a lady got off this steamer wearing a gold bell about 2 inches wide from which numerous trinkets were hung, these were no doubt all genuine goods and a finer ladies bell I never saw.

Of Barmouth itself it is a small place situated close by the sea shore of loose sand at the base of a rocky headland, it consists chiefly of one level street and the houses perched one among the other on the rocks on the hillside, row above row of houses appear in irregular order until the doors of one row are almost on a level with the chimneys of those which stand below it.  Owing to its sheltered position, Barmouth makes and agreeable winter resort and its chief attractions are the views up the Mawddach, the walks along the coast up the hills on either side of the estuary and its mountain excursions.  The Cors y Gedol Hotel is a fair size, there are also a few fine terraces, Marine Terrace and Porkington Terrace are all very pleasantly situated.

Image of Cors Y Gedol Hotel-

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