Two Hundred and Fifty Miles through North Wales: Day 2, Part 2

The group continued their journey to Corwen and described the drive as “delightful”. They travelled through Glyndyfrdwy, Llansanffraid and Carrog Station on the way.

Carrog Bridge

DD/DM/1113- Postcard of Carrog Bridge from the original diary 'Two hundred and fifty miles through North Wales on a wagonette'

We have a most delightful drive through a very richly timbered vale to the Berwyn Arms Hotel fishing station; this Hotel commands beautiful views of the dale and river. Near the Hotel and 5 miles from Llangollen is the village of Glyndyfrdwy, this village is the best starting point for the ascent of Moel Ferna one of the principal hills on the Berwyn range. Close by the Railway station a bridge crosses the River, about half a mile before arriving at Carrog Station, a small fir clad mound stands on the right bank of the Dee, according to tradition it is the site of one of Owen Glyndwr’s chief posts where he watched for the enemy, but no trace of any building remains.  Owen was born about the year 1349 in the Reign of Edward 3rd.  We pass the prettyvillage of Llansantffraid [Llansanffraid] and close to Carrog Station here there is a pretty bridge.

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